World Diabetes Day: Steps for Living with Diabetes

Diabetes is a real issue in America but there is hope. Learning how to live and cope with diabetes makes all the difference. In honor of World Diabetes Day, EZDOCTOR wants to help out by offering some ways to learn and live life to the fullest with diabetes. 

Take these EZ steps to keep your diabetes under control:

Stress Less

Stress can be a factor in raising your blood sugar. Taking the time every day to let yourself breathe and relax keeps high blood sugar away. Try going for an early evening walk, listening to peaceful music, meditating, or picking up a hobby.

Ask for Help

There are many support groups, health organizations, and ways to reach out when you are feeling down and need to talk with someone. Reaching out to a friend, or a group of others dealing with diabetes can lift your spirits and keep you on the right path.

Eating Right

Choosing the right meal plan with your health care organization or team is the first step in taking control of your diabetes.

Some key tips to eating right:

-Choose foods that are lower in calories, sugar, salt and have minimal to no saturated fat and trans fat

-Don’t forget your fiber: whole grain breads, crackers, rice, and pasta

-Eat your greens and fruits. Be careful not to eat too many fruits because they do have sugar. Stick to 1-2 pieces a day

-Choose water instead of soda or juice

Stay Active

Set an active goal for yourself each week. A good place to start is by quick 10 mintue walks around 3-4 times a day. Don’t forget that you need to include muscle strengthening to your exercises. Yoga, free weights, resistance bands, and push-ups are great ways to keep you strong.

Have a Plan

Knowing what you need to do every day to take care of your diabetes is half the battle.

-Know when you take your medicines, have a schedule and stick to it, even when you are feeling healthy. (Always ask your doctor for more information)

-Keep track of your blood sugar and be familiar with your tools. You may want to check it more than once a day.

-Stop smoking. Smoking is detrimental, not only for your health, but for keeping your diabetes in control as well

By using these simples steps you will be on your way to a much more fulfilled and balanced life with diabetes. Always consult your doctor if you have any questions, pains, or need guidance. 

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