Tampa doctor arrested on fraud charges

An eight-month undercover operation has led to the arrest of Tampa chiropractor Douglas Price.
Investigators say he paid patients to come to his clinics in both South Tampa and Winter Haven then filed false insurance claims.

State agents showed up Monday morning at Price’s Davis Island home and took him into custody. Another team of law enforcement officers executed a search warrant on his Auburndale clinic.

Investigators say they've worked undercover since last October building a case involving insurance fraud and patient brokering. He’s accused of paying patients to come to his clinic for treatment, which is illegal.
The investigation focused on both Price's South Tampa practice, which closed six weeks ago, and his Auburndale office, "The Florida Pain, Trauma and Injury Clinic".

Agents searched the Auburndale office for more evidence, including patient and bank records. Officers also arrested one of the employees, Sonya Rivera. She’s accused of setting up the patients and facilitating the scheme.

Warrants were issued for two others described as “runners,” people who would collect money from the doctor in exchange for steering patients into his practice.

Investigators said Price would pay patients up to $1,000 each. He's charged with three counts of patient brokering.  Agents will comb through the records confiscated at the Auburndale location for more evidence.
Investigators also plan to share their findings with the Department of Health, which could take action against Price’s license.

Source: abcactionnews.com 
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