State Gives Felon Doctor His Medical License Back

The Florida Board of Medicine has given a license back to a local doctor with multiple DUI's and a grand theft conviction involving hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars.

According to Carmel Cafiero, an investigative reporter working on the case, Jorge Llovet, a 55-year old doctor has been convicted three times of DUI's. Five years ago, the local physician had just been arrested for drunk driving. The officers seen trying to restrain Llovet described the doctor as "belligerent" and "combative". But that's not all. Llovet has also pleaded guilty to stealing from Florida's Medicaid program. In 2008, he was ordered by a judge to pay back more than $396,000 but the state says that he has paid less than half.

Cafiero also states that Dr. Llovet is still on felony probation in connection to that case. But now the doctor wants his license to practice medicine again.

"Dr. Llovet had a drinking problem and he got himself repeatedly in trouble and had some compliance issues." says Allen Grossman, Dr. Llovets attorney.

The Chair of Board of Medicine couldn't speak specifically about Llovet's case but said "doctors past problems are weighed on a case-by-case basis"

Llovet is elegible to begin practicing medicine again this week, more than nine years before his criminal probation ends in 2024.

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