'Pollen Tsunami'

It is an unusually concentrated period of extremely high pollen counts in the air, and its spreading to many parts of the country at this time.
The term, coined by U.S allergist Dr. Clifford Basset, is the result of the delayed onset of spring in the northeast. The usually staggered pollen production of different plants was stalled, and instead started the same time

Survival tips:
1- Use air conditioning. 
2- Exercise indoors.
3- Wear hat and sunglasses when outdoors.
4- If you live in the suburbs, don't hang clothes out to dry. 
5- Wash your face after going outdoors.
6- Keep pollen-laden clothing out of bedroom.
7- Keep floors clean.
8- Consider "air-cleaning" indoor plants like English ivy or bamboo palm.
9- Shower every night. Rinse the pollens that have collected on your skin and hair throughout the day. 
10-Use baby shampoo to gently irrigate your eyelids (eyes closed) to remove allergens and pollutants.
11-If there is any green pollen that lands on your porch, don't sweep, hose it down.

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