National Nut Day and their Health Benefits

We are nuts about nuts!

Reasons to Be Nuts About Them Too:

-Packed with Healthy Vitamins and Fats:

- Unsaturated Fats (fats that your body needs on a daily basis that digest easily and promote better health)

- Omega-3 Fatty Acids (Which is proven to help with heart health)

- Vitamin E

- Fiber

-Great for Energy and Fuel:

- Nuts are a great pre-workout snack to help give you that added boost to perform well in your daily workout

- Healthy everyday snack that will give you the nutrients your body needs while leaving you full and satisfied

Helps With:

- Weight Management

- Stress

- Prostate Cancer

- And Many More

Just be aware that these benefits come from nuts in their raw form, meaning no salt, sugar, chocolate or other additive.

Read More About the Benefits of Nuts Here:

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