EZDoctor Reports

EZDoctor Reports - A Doctor’s Background Report for Patients

Some of you might be asking yourself what is an EZDoctor Report? And if you haven’t heard already, it’s a background report on doctors!

EZDoctor Reports include everything from procedure pricing to real patient reviews, and even malpractice lawsuits. Most of the information contained inside an EZDoctor Report is nearly impossible for a patient to find. Information we feel is essential for a patient to make an informed healthcare decision.


EZDoctor Reports include:

1.    Contact Information

2.    Office Locations

3.    License Information

4.    Insurance Accepted

5.    Education

6.    Hospital Affiliations/ Privileges

7.    Procedure Pricing Information (Medicare Only)

8.    Patient Referral Summary

9.    Prescribing Habits

10.  Publications

11.  Disciplinary Actions

12.  Criminal Offenses

13.  Malpractice Claims

14.  Real Patient Reviews

The Benefits for Patients

Patients without a doubt, will benefit the most from an EZDoctor Report. Allowing patients to feel more confident when choosing their health care provider. Before your next doctor’s visit, consider seeing your doctor’s EZDoctor Report. You might be surprised with what you find.

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