Easy and Effective Ways to Manage Stress

Stress can come from many factors: work, home life, finances, family, relationships, etc. It directly effects our health and can cause related damage to our bodies including headaches, wrinkles, thinning of hair, and anxiety. Stress is a part of our daily lives but there are many easy and effective ways to manage it.

Use these methods to better control your stress and get your health back on track:

Identify the Source

By Identifying the source of where your stress if coming from, you can then figure out ways to control and manage it. A great way to figure this out is to start a Stress Journal. Use this to make a daily log of when you are stressed and make a notes of what caused it, how it makes you feel, and your response to it. This will help you narrow down the stress factor.

After you have figured out the source then learn how to cope with it.

Reach Out

Having a good support social group is a key factor in relieving stress. Just having someone to talk to about your stresses will take a major weight off your chest. Even talking about the stress will help get you back on track and give you the strength you need to conquer it.

Be In the Now

You've heard the phrase "Stop and Smell the Roses" right? Well, it is true. When you take time out to live in the present and really appreciate all you have in that moment you forget about all you have to do. Focus on your senses and all that is around you and you should feel the tension leave your body.

Laugh More

Give yourself a little laugh break once in a while. Laughing doesn't only relieve stress but it also releases endorphins that help boost your mood. Watch a funny cat video, listen to a good joke, or call that person you know makes you smile.


Any type of exercise at any age, from walking to swimming, can help with depression and anxiety. Exercising releases those feel-good chemicals into your brain, which once again helps to boost your mood. So take a quick walk at lunch or a hike with the family.

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