Change Your Life: Be Gluten Free this Holiday Season

The Truth about Gluten

by Brooke Huber

How many of you would like to live a happier and healthier life in just a few short weeks? Why not make this a goal for this holiday season?

More and more research is proving that giving up gluten is the simple answer to all of this. Gluten is a protein combined with starch that naturally occurs in a number of grains including wheat, barley, rye, and some cereals. The truth is, about 30% of us are allergic or highly affected by gluten, and the other 70% are actually sensitive to it. Imagine gluten being the root of some of the most common diseases, such as Auto Immune disease, and even Alzheimer’s. Some of our favorite and most delicious foods are packed with gluten. As some of you may say how hard it is to eliminate eating these foods, are you really ready for the truth? Eliminating all of this from our diets goes way beyond the obvious of just losing weight. Other factors of becoming gluten free result in clearer skin, feeling better emotionally, less joint pain due to inflammation, more brain power, and a higher level of energy. Imagine seeing and feeling all of these results in just weeks. That’s fast!

Here are some quick and easy switches you can make today:

Swap out pasta for quinoa pasta or spaghetti squash

Brown rice wraps or Romaine lettuce can replace wheat wraps

When baking, try almond or coconut flour instead of wheat or rye flour

And if you’re craving pizza, melt a little goat cheese and tomato sauce on a Portobello mushroom or squash

Keep in mind, you don’t need to deprive yourself of eating when you remove gluten. Instead, find smarter alternatives for those gluten-containing foods you used to enjoy. Always remember to double the veggies, cut out the starch, and no excess bread at the dinner table. Also remember to always check for the “gluten free” labels at the grocery store. The science is there, and the results are real, make the change for a better you!
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