Be a Hero. Take a Stand. Fight Pancreatic Cancer.

It’s Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month.

The pancreas is a vital organ in the human body. It contains 2 glands that help balance the level of sugar in your blood and help break down fats and proteins. Having cancer of the pancreas is basically having your body slowly shut down. According to the American Cancer Society only 23% of patients with this disease live past the first year of diagnosis. It is the forth leading cause of cancer death with a maximum of a 5 year survival rate.

Pancreatic Cancer is no joke, but there are many ways to help out and fight this battle!

First and foremost, know the symptoms:

-Jaundice: yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes

-Pain in the upper and/or middle abdomen and back

-Loss of appetite


-Unexplained weight loss


Second, know the risk factors:


-Chronic pancreatitis

-Inherited conditions

-Long-standing diabetes

Third, take a stand and fight!

Being aware, keeping a healthy weight (with diet and exercise), and knowing your risks are a great way to start. Become a hero in your own community and help the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network raise awareness and money for the cure. Join in on the PurpleStride Run/Walks in your state! Help this month, and throughout the year, by being a volunteer to raise awareness, run or walk as a team or individual to help raise money for research and to take a stand against Pancreatic Cancer.

This month PurpleStride is coming to:

-Houson, Texas-November 23rd

-Central Florida-November 23rd

-South Florida-November 24th

Find an event in your state and how to help out here:

Has pancreatic cancer affected you and your family? Please share your story below to help raise awareness, bring hope, and stick together to fight this disease! 
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