We all question ourselves when and why we should see a doctor.
What if I end up wasting my time and/or money?
Do I even feel bad enough to see a doctor?
What if a simple over-the-counter medication is all I need to feel better?

These are a just some questions that cross our minds when we are deciding see a doctor or not. Ignoring a sign and/or symptom can be dangerous and possibly life threatening. This is why it’s so important to pay close attention to your body and what it’s telling you.

Here are 10 signs and symptoms that you should never ignore. 

1-Persistent or high fever

2-Shortness of breath

3-Unintentional weight loss

4-Feeling full after eating very little

5-Changes in bowel habits

6-Confusion or personality changes

7-Flashes of light or vision changes

8-Consistent headaches

9-Frequent dizziness

10-Persistent cold or cough.

If you have any of these signs, symptoms or concerns about your health and want to see a doctor, schedule your next doctor’s appointment on ezdoctor.com. It’s simple, EZ and FREE!

EZDoctor helps you find a doctor in your area that meets your needs, expectations and accepts your insurance.

Remember you can always find out more about the Doctor by purchasing their EZDoctor Report. Getting an EZDoctor Report is an easy and effective way to know doctors before scheduling an appointment with them.

How do I request a doctor’s appointment?
Requesting a doctor’s appointment on EZDoctor is easy. Search for your doctor by entering the doctor Name, Specialty, and/or Location, then click “Request an Appointment.” Choose an available time to see the doctor, fill out some basic information and submit your request. We’ll handle the rest.

How does this service work?
We work with Doctors by helping them schedule appointments and gain new patients. Patients choose a time that is convenient for them. A message is then sent to the doctor’s office requesting an appointment. Once confirmed, the patient will receive a message and confirmation.

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