Hackers in China steal millions of personal health records

Community health systems reported that hackers in China used advanced technology to steal access to 4.5 million records from a hospital network. 

This includes 206 hospitals across the U.S that were affected by the hackers who breached the system. Whether someone has received treatment from a network owned hospital or was simply referred there, they are at risk. The information obtained was extremely personal and includes social security numbers, credit card information, address, names, and personal phone numbers ultimately putting these people in great danger of identity theft.

The FBI has been working closely with the hospital network in hopes of catching the culprits. However, the personal information stolen from the hospitals are protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This act protects federal health laws in which patients could sue the hospital for damages. But unfortunately, there is little these patients can do at this point to protect themselves from what is to come.