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EZDoctor Reports - A Doctor’s Background Report for Patients

Some of you might be asking yourself what is an EZDoctor Report? And if you haven’t heard already, it’s a background report on doctors!

EZDoctor Reports include everything from procedure pricing to real patient reviews, and even malpractice lawsuits. Most of the information contained inside an EZDoctor Report is nearly impossible for a patient to find. Information we feel is essential for a patient to make an informed healthcare decision.


EZDoctor Reports include:

1.    Contact Information

2.    Office Locations

3.    License Information

4.    Insurance Accepted

5.    Education

6.    Hospital Affiliations/ Privileges

7.    Procedure Pricing Information (Medicare Only)

8.    Patient Referral Summary

9.    Prescribing Habits

10.  Publications

11.  Disciplinary Actions

12.  Criminal Offenses

13.  Malpractice Claims

14.  Real Patient Reviews

The Benefits for Patients

Patients without a doubt, will benefit the most from an EZDoctor Report. Allowing patients to feel more confident when choosing their health care provider. Before your next doctor’s visit, consider seeing your doctor’s EZDoctor Report. You might be surprised with what you find.

May: National Physical Fitness And Sports Month

May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, a designation bestowed since 1983 and celebrated by the President's Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition (PCFSN). Organizations including schools, public health agencies, and worksites celebrate the month to promote awareness of the value of physical activity in pursuit of happier, healthier, more productive lives. Celebrations and recognition weeks and days throughout May target specific activities or populations, such as: 

May 1-7: National Physical Education and Sports Week.
May 9-13: National Women's Health Week.
May 18: National Employee Health and Fitness Day  
May 16-20: National Bike to Work Week
May 20:  Bike To Work Day

National Physical Fitness and Sports Month is a great time to spread the word about the benefits of getting active. Getting regular physical activity can benefit everyone- children, adolescents and adults. 

Benefits of physical activity
  • Reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome 
  • Reduce your risk of some cancers
  • Reduce your risk of high blood pressure
  • Strengthen your bones and muscles
  • Improve your mental health and mood
  • Reduces the risk of depression and anxiety
  • Improve you ability to do daily activities and prevent falls 
  • Increase your chances of living longer
Let's move!

Source: health.gov 

The Healthy Weekend Challenge

We've all been there: you try to eat healthy Monday through Friday, but then blow it on the weekend. A University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill study revealed that adults take in an extra 222 calories -nearly 15% of the number of calories an average women needs each day- over the course of the weekend (including Friday). This is why we created this "Healthy Weekend Challenge", it will help you stay on track and prepare you for next week!  Are you in? 

  • Get some rest and sleep. Don't start next week tired. Rather than cramming in a bunch of activities this weekend, take time to rest and sleep at least 7-8 hours each night.

  • Splurge in a healthy way. Some weeks feel longer than others, and you might feel like you need a little bit of a splurge, and by all means, go for it!! Make sure you splurge in a healthy way. Always choose the healthier options.

  • Make a meal plan for next week. Eating well is so much easier when you have a plan. Planning meals helps you manage your time better and makes meal preparation easier. Eliminate last minute stress and plan ahead of time. 

  • Squeeze in a longer workout. Since you have more time it will be easier to add some extra minutes to your workout.  

  • Stick to one cheat meal. Remember, its a cheat meal not a cheat weekend. 

  • Get outdoors. Spending more time outdoors can help with weight management, reduces risk of developing Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, heart attacks and some forms of cancer. You also have more opportunities for social interactions, which may improve mental well-being.

  • Enjoy a glass of red wine. Red wine, in moderation, has been long thought of as heart healthy. The alcohol and certain substances in red wine called antioxidants may help prevent heart disease by increasing levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, (also known as "good cholesterol") and protecting against artery damage. 

How To Become A Morning Person

There are so many advantages to being a morning person, and while the night owls are still hitting snooze, the early birds are making things happen across the world. Becoming a morning person is not an easy task, in fact, it won't happen overnight. 

Here are some simple tips that can help you become that go-getter morning person you want to be. 

Start the night before:

-Set up your clothes
-Preprogram coffee maker
-Prep lunch
-Set a bedtime
-Turn off all electronics 90 min before bedtime
-Move your alarm clock off your nightstand: If you are forced to get out of bed to turn off your alarm clock, you'll be less likely to crawl under the covers.

Wake up at 6:00 am or earlier. People who wake up earlier tend to be more proactive and optimistic, and can even be healthier and less stressed. 
Benefits of waking up earlier: 
-No need to rush in the mornings
-People tend to be more creative in the morning
-You'll get more hours of sunlight
-Gives you "you" time

Start your day off with a daily affirmation. Starting you day off with a prayer, scripture or positive reading, will prepare you for whatever is ahead. 

Meditate. Meditation enhances your awareness, prevents stress and anxiety, boosts overall well-being.

Never skip breakfast. Not only does it give you energy to start a new day, but breakfast is also linked to many health benefits, including weight control and improved performance. 

Workout. Morning workouts are a lot like breakfast, gets your metabolism going. Simply put, you burn more calories all day long just from the sheer fact of exercising in the morning. Plus, you'll feel less stressed when you get to work.

Boston Doctor Pleads Guilty, Sentenced to Jail and Ordered to Pay $9.3 Million for Running Medicaid False Billing Scheme

A Boston doctor, whose addiction clinics employed around 370 people, including 30 physicians, has been sentenced to 11 months in prison and ordered to pay $9.3m (£6.1m; €8.6m) in restitution over a Medicaid fraud scheme based on urine testing of recovering addicts. He has also surrendered his medical license.

Dr. Punyamurtula Kishore, 64, an Indian citizen living in the United States since 1977, pleaded guilty, along with his company Preventive Medicine Associates, Inc. (PMA), to a complex kickback scheme that cheated millions of dollars from MassHealth, the Medicaid administrator for Massachusetts.              

The charges were Medicaid Kickbacks (8 counts), Medicaid False Claims (19 counts) and Larceny over $250 (11 counts). Dr. Kishore pleaded guilty to one count of Larceny over $250.

“Dr. Kishore orchestrated a complex kickback scheme to funnel a lucrative drug screening business to his laboratories and then billed taxpayers millions of dollars for those services,” AG Healey said. “This case exhibited blatant theft of state funds that were supposed to go toward care for some of our most vulnerable residents. This is fraud that undermines the integrity of our health care system.”

Superior Court Judge Janet Sanders sentenced Kishore to 360 days in the House of Correction, with 11 months to serve and the balance suspended for 10 years. As a condition to his sentence, Kishore has also agreed to surrender his medical license. Judge Sanders also ordered Kishore and PMA to pay, jointly and severally, a total of $9.3 million in restitution.

Dr. Kishore previously owned and managed PMA, a network of 29 medical branches throughout Massachusetts, including physician office laboratories and one independent clinical laboratory. Based on the AG’s investigation, Dr. Kishore used bribes, or kickbacks, to induce sober house owners to send their residents’ urine drug screening business to his laboratories for testing. Residents were typically screened three times per week.

In September 2011, Dr. Kishore and PMA were indicted, and individually charged with Medicaid Kickbacks (8 counts), and Medicaid False Claims (8 counts). In November 2013, Dr. Kishore and PMA were indicted on additional charges of Medicaid False Claims (11 counts) and Larceny over $250 (11 counts) for billing MassHealth for millions of dollars in drug screens using the names of PMA physicians and nurse practitioners who were not actually treating the patients or determining the drug screens to be medically necessary. State regulations require that the services must be medically necessary and the provider must be physically present and actively involved in the treatment of the member. 

Source www.massgov.com 


We all question ourselves when and why we should see a doctor.
What if I end up wasting my time and/or money?
Do I even feel bad enough to see a doctor?
What if a simple over-the-counter medication is all I need to feel better?

These are a just some questions that cross our minds when we are deciding see a doctor or not. Ignoring a sign and/or symptom can be dangerous and possibly life threatening. This is why it’s so important to pay close attention to your body and what it’s telling you.

Here are 10 signs and symptoms that you should never ignore. 

1-Persistent or high fever

2-Shortness of breath

3-Unintentional weight loss

4-Feeling full after eating very little

5-Changes in bowel habits

6-Confusion or personality changes

7-Flashes of light or vision changes

8-Consistent headaches

9-Frequent dizziness

10-Persistent cold or cough.

If you have any of these signs, symptoms or concerns about your health and want to see a doctor, schedule your next doctor’s appointment on ezdoctor.com. It’s simple, EZ and FREE!

EZDoctor helps you find a doctor in your area that meets your needs, expectations and accepts your insurance.

Remember you can always find out more about the Doctor by purchasing their EZDoctor Report. Getting an EZDoctor Report is an easy and effective way to know doctors before scheduling an appointment with them.

How do I request a doctor’s appointment?
Requesting a doctor’s appointment on EZDoctor is easy. Search for your doctor by entering the doctor Name, Specialty, and/or Location, then click “Request an Appointment.” Choose an available time to see the doctor, fill out some basic information and submit your request. We’ll handle the rest.

How does this service work?
We work with Doctors by helping them schedule appointments and gain new patients. Patients choose a time that is convenient for them. A message is then sent to the doctor’s office requesting an appointment. Once confirmed, the patient will receive a message and confirmation.

State Gives Felon Doctor His Medical License Back

The Florida Board of Medicine has given a license back to a local doctor with multiple DUI's and a grand theft conviction involving hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars.

According to Carmel Cafiero, an investigative reporter working on the case, Jorge Llovet, a 55-year old doctor has been convicted three times of DUI's. Five years ago, the local physician had just been arrested for drunk driving. The officers seen trying to restrain Llovet described the doctor as "belligerent" and "combative". But that's not all. Llovet has also pleaded guilty to stealing from Florida's Medicaid program. In 2008, he was ordered by a judge to pay back more than $396,000 but the state says that he has paid less than half.

Cafiero also states that Dr. Llovet is still on felony probation in connection to that case. But now the doctor wants his license to practice medicine again.

"Dr. Llovet had a drinking problem and he got himself repeatedly in trouble and had some compliance issues." says Allen Grossman, Dr. Llovets attorney.

The Chair of Board of Medicine couldn't speak specifically about Llovet's case but said "doctors past problems are weighed on a case-by-case basis"

Llovet is elegible to begin practicing medicine again this week, more than nine years before his criminal probation ends in 2024.

Do you want to know if your doctor has any previous board actions or criminal offenses? Visit EZDoctor.com to obtain an EZDoctor Report of your provider!

Source: WSVN.com

10 Reasons Why Doctors Should Claim Their EZDoctor Profile

Have you claimed your EZDoctor profile yet?
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1.   It’s FREE!

2.   Attract new patients

3.   You will have the ability of managing and updating your own scheduling system.

4.   Patients will be able to see your schedule and availability.

5.   You can update your contact information and education.

6.   You will receive email notifications of new and existing patient appointment requests.

7.   We will display only your available times to the patient to avoid confusions and/or misunderstandings.

8.   Ability of scheduling virtual visits with your patients and earn extra income.

9.  You will be able to see your EZDoctor Report and be aware of what information your patient can learn about you.

10. You will receive notifications of services provided by EZDoctor.

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Beware of Medical Malpractice

What is Medical Malpractice or negligence?

Medical malpractice or negligence refers to a medical error, possibly in diagnosis, medication dosage, health management, treatment or aftercare provided by a health care professional or provider.

Studies have shown over 440,000 Americans are killed annually by physician, hospital or nurse errors. The amount of serious harm, but not death, done to patients were about 10 to 20 times more than that.

Patients should not only research their health conditions, but also their health care provider.
Knowing if your medical provider has any previous malpractice claims or board actions can be extremely helpful and life-saving.

How do I know if my doctor has any previous malpractice claims?

Obtaining an EZDoctor Report from ezdoctor.com is the best way of finding out if your doctor has any previous malpractice claims.

EZDoctor Reports Include

Medical School
Board Certifications
Malpractice History
Disciplinary Actions
Board Actions
Real Patient Reviews
Hospital Affiliations
Criminal History
Procedure Pricing
Authored Publications
Prescription Habits
and much more


Where can I find an EZDoctor Report?

EZDoctor.com provides the right information and history you need to know about your doctor. Navigate to ezdoctor.com and Search for any Doctor’s EZDoctor Report and find the most comprehensive reports publicly available on doctors.

Hackers in China steal millions of personal health records

Community health systems reported that hackers in China used advanced technology to steal access to 4.5 million records from a hospital network. 

This includes 206 hospitals across the U.S that were affected by the hackers who breached the system. Whether someone has received treatment from a network owned hospital or was simply referred there, they are at risk. The information obtained was extremely personal and includes social security numbers, credit card information, address, names, and personal phone numbers ultimately putting these people in great danger of identity theft.

The FBI has been working closely with the hospital network in hopes of catching the culprits. However, the personal information stolen from the hospitals are protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This act protects federal health laws in which patients could sue the hospital for damages. But unfortunately, there is little these patients can do at this point to protect themselves from what is to come.